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Comment Spam and other things

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Every day now i’ve been getting comment spam (although it doesn’t get through as I have set everything to need approval). Always on the quail post…I wonder if quail is a popular term among spam bots, or whether they’re just set up to go for an older post.

Tomorrow is the MHC Christmas Show, which should be good. It was a pretty big show last year, I got to poke my first tiny baby dwarfs and they put on a nice buffet. We’re also buying an extra hen to try and settle the quail fighting, although I put all the birds in the playpen together last night and they didn’t seem too bothered about each other.

Its been an even longer time…

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

I always start these things with much enthusiasm that peters out in about 5 minutes. On the off chance anyone is interested, lets have an update on what has changed.

  1. We are homeowners. We bought our first house (a 3 bedroom terrace in a less desierable part of town) back in January.
  2. I went back to Uni (October 2006) to do an MSc in Systems Biology. This should lead to a PhD starting October ’07.
  3. Hamsters have changed round a bit. We still have Archie and Reggie (Theo passed away in May). Robos we have Psyche, baby Redrum, and “the girls”, Alysia, Zosima, Little ‘un and Pearl. We acquired a breeding pair of winter whites (who despite a lot of effort on the male’s part have yet to produce babies), Hank and Peggy.

They say nothing ever changes but the shoes, which clearly is not true. I have 2 new pairs of shoes since the last post.


Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

I spent most of today purifying a protein using IMAC, its a modern form of black magic, such as that practised by the wizards of old who searched for the best enzymes to keep their white-wizard underpants white as white can be. Basically, you have a protein tagged with histidine residues, poor it through sepharose containing nickel ions, and then elute (with something to chelate the ions, or something which binds competitively, at increasingly higher concentrations). This isolates your his tagged protein from all the others (which either don’t bind, or bind less strongly and wash off sooner). Still, I prefer to ignore all that chemistry behind how it works, and focus on the more important fact: Its Magic. Its that sort of thing that makes me love biochemistry.

 Also drove up to Birmingham to sell the robo’s old habitrail, so that’s Theo and Archie’s new cage paid for!

 Also its the new series of Lost starting tonight, I rarely get excited about TV but I enjoyed the last series so much (sometimes its fun to be a sheep). I really hope they can keep the idea going, as frankly towards the end of the last series the plot did seem to get a little bizarre, but maybe the writer is just weird.

And the winner is…

Monday, May 1st, 2006

Today I won the “Hamster Article of the Month” competition on Hamster Heaven. I was the only person to write (and have an article accepted) in the month though. As I am on the review panel for articles, is that some sort of insider trading?

 My Prize