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Stupid Americans

Monday, May 15th, 2006

Apparently, .com is for American sites only. If you have a .com domain, that implies you’re from the US. That means you!

All us little British Chaps and Chapesses should settle for the lowly, and keep our grubby mitts off the shiny, golden .com. If we use it, we’ll only confuse people, despite America having .us (try if you’d like an example). Although from what I was aware of, was originally a business suffix ( being an organisation, a British Educational institute, UK government et cetera). There is a .uk but that seems to be rarer than the .us.

Clearly, .com is an abbreviation for .communist, so for all you Americans who pledge allegiance, I urge you, avoid .commies!

Drosophila and Asda

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

Today I started revising Drosophila development, fairly slow going. There are only so many pictures of mutant larvae a girl can look at.
Had a bit of a surf round to see if I could find a cool birthday present for Jill…I want to get a chocolate fountain, but I bet she already has one. It’ll go well with their ice cream maker though.

Went to Asda as its the only supermarket that sells chicken and turkey sausages…well, Big Tesco does but that’s a longer trip. So we wandered round picking up stuff we needed, and stuff we didn’t. It appears Mike’s new idea to stop me buying fun stuff is to make me pay for it myself. First of all, they only had one checkout open and a queue of around 12 customers. Then, they decided to open another, woo-hoo. Put all the sensible shopping through first, with Mike, and after he paid we were asked the postcode. Then as he was putting receipt etc away, she didn’t start to put my shopping through, so we said “we’re together, and she did”. I decided to buy a bottle of Tropical Sourz, because it tastes so damn good. The woman said “Are you over 21”, so I replied “Yes”. She then sat there for a bit, so I decided to get ID out, she then looked at it and appeared to take great difficulty in working out if I was indeed over 21. So I pointed out if I wasn’t, i’d have just got Mike to buy it. I know its their job, but really, have a brain. Or is that why you’re working in Asda…(Is that too controversial?).
Then, to top my evening off, they overcharge me by 99p. Practically £1! So I went to the shelf, whipped off the price tag (I bet they hate it when shoppers do that) and took myself to the “we’re always happy to help desk”. The girl there re-funded me and gave me a £2 Asda voucher, so all was well in the end.

Another thing I feel the need to complain about is that I can’t find an eyeliner for less than £1.99. Perhaps I should just go and buy a 4B pencil…