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Stupid Americans

Monday, May 15th, 2006

Apparently, .com is for American sites only. If you have a .com domain, that implies you’re from the US. That means you!

All us little British Chaps and Chapesses should settle for the lowly, and keep our grubby mitts off the shiny, golden .com. If we use it, we’ll only confuse people, despite America having .us (try if you’d like an example). Although from what I was aware of, was originally a business suffix ( being an organisation, a British Educational institute, UK government et cetera). There is a .uk but that seems to be rarer than the .us.

Clearly, .com is an abbreviation for .communist, so for all you Americans who pledge allegiance, I urge you, avoid .commies!


Saturday, May 15th, 2004

Piss Bags! Your portable urinal.

I suppose they had to exist…damn the person who suggested google image search for “urine bag”

And all those times Matt and I joked about the “asspon”, little to know they really do exist. Look:-


 Well…Learn something new every day, dontcha?  

I feel I should apologise for the poor taste of this post, 2 years on I should be more mature and not find this amusing. Shame i’m not.