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Drosophila and Asda

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

Today I started revising Drosophila development, fairly slow going. There are only so many pictures of mutant larvae a girl can look at.
Had a bit of a surf round to see if I could find a cool birthday present for Jill…I want to get a chocolate fountain, but I bet she already has one. It’ll go well with their ice cream maker though.

Went to Asda as its the only supermarket that sells chicken and turkey sausages…well, Big Tesco does but that’s a longer trip. So we wandered round picking up stuff we needed, and stuff we didn’t. It appears Mike’s new idea to stop me buying fun stuff is to make me pay for it myself. First of all, they only had one checkout open and a queue of around 12 customers. Then, they decided to open another, woo-hoo. Put all the sensible shopping through first, with Mike, and after he paid we were asked the postcode. Then as he was putting receipt etc away, she didn’t start to put my shopping through, so we said “we’re together, and she did”. I decided to buy a bottle of Tropical Sourz, because it tastes so damn good. The woman said “Are you over 21”, so I replied “Yes”. She then sat there for a bit, so I decided to get ID out, she then looked at it and appeared to take great difficulty in working out if I was indeed over 21. So I pointed out if I wasn’t, i’d have just got Mike to buy it. I know its their job, but really, have a brain. Or is that why you’re working in Asda…(Is that too controversial?).
Then, to top my evening off, they overcharge me by 99p. Practically £1! So I went to the shelf, whipped off the price tag (I bet they hate it when shoppers do that) and took myself to the “we’re always happy to help desk”. The girl there re-funded me and gave me a £2 Asda voucher, so all was well in the end.

Another thing I feel the need to complain about is that I can’t find an eyeliner for less than £1.99. Perhaps I should just go and buy a 4B pencil…

Revision is boring.

Monday, March 13th, 2006

Today I didn’t leave the house. Tragic isn’t it. I did manage to revise 6 development lectures though, would’ve been more but apparantly my progress report for my final year project wasn’t good enough. Basically, I knew that, but it doesn’t get marked and so many people have been told not to bother I didn’t feel the need to put much effort in. So I re-wrote half of it, then read the reference paper and realised everything i’d researched in other places and added was already in there. Oh well. I’ll right another 1/4 page tomorrow and it’ll be at the maxiumum 2 pages.

I think i’ve already forgotton the stuff I revised, one thing I do remember is that in Staufen- mutants, there are no pole cells, and oskar is found everywhere, not localised to the posterior of the embryo, shock horror!

In hamsters, things are still going well between the three robos. I cleaned one of their three sections of cage, and they don’t seem to be fighting. I also put some fresh bedding in a little house for them, and I hope they move into there. The other bedroom is getting a little “ripe”, but it’ll be worth it if this intro continues to go well.

Finished the bag of “Stacy’s pita chips” arguably the nicest crisp-type snack i’ve had in a while. Perhaps tomorrow I should go to Sainsbury’s and see if there are any left on the reduced shelf.

Blogging is tricky…

Sunday, March 12th, 2006

And rather self-indulgent. Maybe that’s why I start and give up, I just don’t care enough. My mid-March resolution will be to start blogging more. The less of interest, the better. Thats how it is. People also like to complain on blogs, so i’ll start there.  

Today we went to look for some coal, and as we were at the supermarket near B&Q, I thought we’d check in there in case it was cheaper than the garage. Apparantly coal is off season, someone should tell B&Q that its bloody cold and snowy out. Not as snowy as the North West though…Oh to be back there.