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Its been an even longer time…

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

I always start these things with much enthusiasm that peters out in about 5 minutes. On the off chance anyone is interested, lets have an update on what has changed.

  1. We are homeowners. We bought our first house (a 3 bedroom terrace in a less desierable part of town) back in January.
  2. I went back to Uni (October 2006) to do an MSc in Systems Biology. This should lead to a PhD starting October ’07.
  3. Hamsters have changed round a bit. We still have Archie and Reggie (Theo passed away in May). Robos we have Psyche, baby Redrum, and “the girls”, Alysia, Zosima, Little ‘un and Pearl. We acquired a breeding pair of winter whites (who despite a lot of effort on the male’s part have yet to produce babies), Hank and Peggy.

They say nothing ever changes but the shoes, which clearly is not true. I have 2 new pairs of shoes since the last post.