I miss Manchester

On Thursday I went up to Manchester for a joint conference with their Systems Biology people. The MIB that they’re based in is a lovely building, far nicer than our one. We never did decide who has the best deal, they get more money, a nicer building but we have offices, a shower and tea, coffee, squash and biscuits on tap.

In the evening, we went to San Carlo for a meal. It was very nice, fairly posh (I had monkfish!) and Mike had a Tartufo for pudding that was set on fire with a shot of sambuca (the waste!).

After that we went to the awesome Baa Bar (although it was a bit late, and we only stayed for two drinks (my shots were the storm, and a springbok). We stayed at the Thistle hotel on Picadilly Gardens, which was reasonably comfortable, although hideously overpriced. I was not impressed with their lack of veggie breakfast (yes, I can eat eggs and hash browns, but i’d like a veggie sausage and the knowledge stuff has been fried in seperate pans than you very much!).

Anyway, Friday evening we went to Sinclairs, and one of the Wetherspoons. People are so much politer than in the midlands, a man bumped into me and actually apologised, and a woman held a door open for me on the way to the loo rather than letting it smash into my face! After that, we went to Cafe Rouge…unfortunately we picked a new one, “just off” Deansgate. Its part of a new development, and is the only place open, and is as far off the main road as you can get. We were starting to have doubts when we walked through all the hoardings, but there it was right at the end with happy little balloons outside. We were the only customers, and paid half the bill in Tesco vouchers my Mum had given Mike the day before, but hey…i’m sure the 15 staff that were on enjoyed serving us…

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